duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

serafim - popor al nimanui ( un alt fragment din volumul ...serafim sluga in cumpana vremii - de florian silisteanu - traducere in limba engleza de procopie clontea


Seraphim – nobody’s people

Seraphim was in the middle of the apple tree He was sleeping in the seeds for fear of unforgiving people for fear of thought for fear of the signs the earth’s worm commissioned the day with
Asleep Seraphim was in
the wild apple tree dreaming like this talking in his sleep’s dream:
“Don’t give proof of your love to the other one because nothing is
more ill-fated than proof
shown of one’s love
because before the judge the hangman will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to your evidence of not
guilty and don’t
hang icons above your bedhead down above your naked body lying on the bed sin’s lusty lure
don’t let your teeth bite from your neighbour’s village or from
the people’s furrow
you shouldn’t wish for anything from the south from the west from the eastfrom the north from high
or from the right not
even from underneath the water of the gullet between mountains or from the rising of tidings from
the left shoulder off the coming ice melting a tear towards the fruit trees’ tear”
Seraphim was lonely He noticed that light’s wedding guest had grown old he also noticed that
the road was getting narrower and it was the shadow
of the un-christened one and not the priest that was reading from
the Holy Books
Seraphim felt like running away from his self he wanted a people for himself he wished for himself to be part of
the mystery of the one to come he was not
worthy he was alone
in the world’s church the painter was also human

# traducerea in limba engleza de procopie clontea