sâmbătă, 28 februarie 2009

With the sling in sparrows - Florăresili all partidili flowers for all parties ..God bless America

I do not know if I have a right to be disappointed. Trying to think so. I shot through the eye with a tail that waves editions of the tournament revolves policy Romanian defenders. E campaign. I was paid to pronounce names. And if I were, as I have written. All projects are wonderful at first glance. I still see someone you are concerned about peace and safety of citizens. I saw a politician nor a candidate to give the face, specifically, a degree. What the deputy, a senator who will be able to do so that thousands of people on the stairs of the courts to stop flouting be, mental and chase judges or prosecutors? What senator or deputy will be able to deconspire, delete derbedei between brothers and cops? What senator or deputy will be able to clearly wiped mafia network of thousands of employers not paying the salary of people with real work on the book, especially to make these books work? What senator or deputy shall have the courage to take the throw with a mentality that stressed the individual making the middle class to beat a horse that horse or dismount government ordinances where the tramp interests and interests? What the deputy or senator will understand that when you build you must do it only after you have poured a foundation, to respect the depth, breadth and quality of stone and cement, wrought iron? Do not be hating on me, and simply tried man, Romanian poet, newspaper worker, I put this question! Yesterday, through the center Piteştiului, I did a picture of a man, I do not know his name because I wanted to know. Tufãnele sold from 1 piece lion. Do not make this definition of rights today. I know that can not be equal and never would be good. I never asked his name, because that man would I be told How many children are, How are fools, read, smart, read, able to work smart and read, read, disabled, read with or without money, I would have said by his wife, probably retired on the sickness, but not in time and not sick. I would have said ... But what I would have said? It's too little relationship between the and not. Romania is not America. If you go to America tomorrow, three weeks to become human. Because you will be one among, say, one million. Million that you under the terms and meet them. If an American would come tomorrow in Romania, Pitesti, in three weeks would cleave to him that one among us, a million, would become like us. A nation of fakes, the dupe, the liars. Longer and exceptions. But few. And if it hurts that means it's good. Hard'm afraid that you break. published Curierul Day on 15 November 2008

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